8 March 2012

Welcome Note!

Lipstick, powder, blush, perfume, mascara, clothes..and I can keep writing down more and more beauty stuff that i can relate to a woman...Although i won't and I would prefer to welcome you and me to this new challenge for me. I decided to create a blog in order to express myself through pictures and of course help you with product reviews and any kind of actions a beauty blogger has to do! Is my first try so try to be good with me!! ;) 
Cosmetics, clothes ...generally beauty and fashion are my lovieeeees!!!! 
So I promise to do my best and of course as my blog states i will share with you all my Pinkie Rose Secrets...!!! :) 

Today is our day so I  would like to wish women around the world all the best..and of course wish me a happy fresh start!!! 

kisses and hugs to all of you and.....WELCOME TO Pinkie Rose Secrets!!

PS: Excuse any kind of mistake you may find...it was a long day but i was waiting for this very first post very long!!! 

PS2: Upcoming posts ..... keep ur eyes open!!!! ;)

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