23 May 2012

Marni for H&M...!!!

 Hello girlies!!! 
 Here we areeeee!!! I doooo keep my promises unless something is going wrong!! Anyway!!
Today I decided that I would love to share with you photos and my experience of the launching H&M did back in March for Marni collection!!
I received the invitation in late February...and on 5th of March I was there at Ermou street celebrating the fantastic new collection of H&M with Marni.
Djs ...music...celebrities.. fashion addicts like me and of course "THE COLLECTION"..!! I couldn't resist.. I wanted to buy everything...!! Unfo, It was a nightmare at the beginning cause if you are not prepared to "fight","grab" and run with what you liked it was a fact that you wouldn't go home with something new!! But either way the whole experience was worth it...!!
Anywayzzzz!! The party was organised very well .. and everything was more than perfect!!!
My sister and I had a great experience! Below you can see the photos of my purchases and at the end you can see a scarf and a notebook which was in the "Bag" that we get when we left the event!

Hope you will like everything!!
Though i wanted to buy even more clothes and accessories I do feel complete with what I bought!!

Stay tuned ...
Your comments are always welcome and your questions as well!!!

Lots of love
Katerina!! xoxo


22 May 2012

REVIEW - BB Cream by Garnier

4 months ago I started using BB cream by Garnier..!! A friend of mine..Athina... beauty blogger as well but with more experience on blogging than me ;-) ( http://memyblushandi.blogspot.com), suggested me to use BB on a daily basis instead of  "heavy" foundation..!! 
To be honest at the beginning I was not sure if it was "THE" product ... according to other blogers reviews...!! Though I gave it a chance and ...here we are...!! I can not imagine a single day without my BB..!!! I admit it!! I am obsessed..!! 
I keep buying stock in case that it will be discontinued (OMG..!!!) for some reason or worse in case I won't be able to find it in my local beauty store!!! OMG.. WHAT A DISASTER FOR BEAUTY ADDICTS!! ahahah!!! (do not pay attention to me.. some times i overreact when i am in "love" with a product)
But let me get to the point of the post!!! 

Using BB cream for a while I can say that i totally recommend it to you girls! It is smooth and by the second you will apply it on your face you will realise the difference. It gives to your skin a freshly glow!! It looks young ,fresh, smooth and softer! You will feel the sensation of the light texture and you will experience the 24hour hydration..!! 

Soooo!!! Experience and feel the BB difference..!! 

Waiting for your opinions!!

Keep in touch girlies!!! 

katerina xoxo

Naked Honey Skin Salve by MAC - Tip for use!

well..well...Ok girlies....!!! Admit it!!! We all have many products that we don't use so often...!! I do have many as well...!!! When I first bought Naked Honey salve by MAC I was so ... soooooo excited that i decided not to buy one ..but 4 of them! Yes!! yes!! 4 of them!! As you know they were limited edition (NAKED HONEY Collection- summer 2009) and I wanted them so much from day 1.. so a big stock of them was "obligatory"... ;)

Unfortunately... I did not use them as much as I wanted .. (many other fav products still waited for me.. and i couldn't resist..). Mac skin salve was good for my lips at the beginning but I replaced it quickly with the newcomer NUXE lip balm which i found really nourishing....
I had to find an alternative way how to  use it effectively..... !!!
IDEAAAAAA!!! It was the ideal product for my nail cuticles which is was a bit of a trouble for me through years....!!!
so here we are ...! Nice alternative option for a product that i didn't want to get rid of it ...!! 
Girls I totally recommend it... use it freelyyyyy and as much as u can ... it is extremely nourishing for cuticles...!!

Use it every night before bed and massage it a bit  around your cuticles... Results after a week will be surprisingly good!!! ;) 

Waiting for your thoughts and your questions...!! 

Many kisses!!! 
Keep bloging and stay tuned!!
                                                       Katerina xoxo

8 May 2012

Back again girlieees!!!!

I can't forgive myself been way from you for such a long time but unfo unexpected events happening very often so something like that "found" me couple of months ago ...!!! 
Now I hope I can keep my promises and continue blogging for you as I have promised you when we first met. 

I am coming back girlieeeeees and i hope you will love my fresh and summery posts I am preparing for you!!!

Keep blogging and stay tuned!!!

Katerina xxx


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