22 May 2012

Naked Honey Skin Salve by MAC - Tip for use!

well..well...Ok girlies....!!! Admit it!!! We all have many products that we don't use so often...!! I do have many as well...!!! When I first bought Naked Honey salve by MAC I was so ... soooooo excited that i decided not to buy one ..but 4 of them! Yes!! yes!! 4 of them!! As you know they were limited edition (NAKED HONEY Collection- summer 2009) and I wanted them so much from day 1.. so a big stock of them was "obligatory"... ;)

Unfortunately... I did not use them as much as I wanted .. (many other fav products still waited for me.. and i couldn't resist..). Mac skin salve was good for my lips at the beginning but I replaced it quickly with the newcomer NUXE lip balm which i found really nourishing....
I had to find an alternative way how to  use it effectively..... !!!
IDEAAAAAA!!! It was the ideal product for my nail cuticles which is was a bit of a trouble for me through years....!!!
so here we are ...! Nice alternative option for a product that i didn't want to get rid of it ...!! 
Girls I totally recommend it... use it freelyyyyy and as much as u can ... it is extremely nourishing for cuticles...!!

Use it every night before bed and massage it a bit  around your cuticles... Results after a week will be surprisingly good!!! ;) 

Waiting for your thoughts and your questions...!! 

Many kisses!!! 
Keep bloging and stay tuned!!
                                                       Katerina xoxo

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