27 March 2012


Hello girls!! I know it's being so long and I know I have to apologize for that.
Unfo several events occurred in my life unexpectedly and I did not have time to blog! 
But I am preparing a massive come back and I promise you that you will love it.
Sorry once again, keep blogging girls and stay tuned..!!!!

Many kisses.

12 March 2012


 cook shop cook shop cook

They come with fun packaging and they are delicious...Yiam

Helloooo girlies!!! 
As I've promised you my first post on beauty is here fresh for you!! 
Mac Greece had last week a prelaunch party for the new collection Mac Shop - Mac Cook...!! So I decided it was a great idea to attend the party because I am pretty sure  shop-cook collection will be gone within the blink of an eye on the day of its release...!!!! (15th of March for Greece).
While I was at the party i had the chance to try on pretty much every single piece of the collection...though my budget is not that high so I took only some of them... 3 pieces to be exact...!

All my new Mac lovies...I am quite addicted to MAC and you will realise it on the upcoming posts..The sponges and the bright yellow box where the highlights of the event.

It is a perfect lipgloss with a really good texture... It gives to lips a creamy look and most important is reach as a lipstick.!!!It's not sticky...which is really important for me...the colour is fantastic as you can see...(blue fuchsia)...but anyway is a great choice to be unique.. ;) 
I really love the packaging...!!! :) 

It's the ideal blush for summer...it gives a sunny kissed look..!! creamy, easy to blend, natural finish and long lasting!! It has an orangie colour but honestly is more like looking ur cheeks after a really good summer in greece!!! ;) Healthy and natural bronze result with a splash of orange!!! Recommend it girls!! 

I couldn't resist to a yellow nail polish which will be must this summer..it is not as fluo as last summer's lacquers..is pale and nice! Bright acid green the colour..pale or light yellow. Sweet and spicy, long lasting, ideal for "extreme girls" and summerieeee looks!!! Enjoy! 

Hope you will like my very first post and review of my newly purchased MAC collection products!!! 
Waiting for your comments and opinions!!! 

See u soon girls!!!! 
Katerina xoxo

11 March 2012

Sunday afternoon ...Happy Blogging..!! :)

It's Sunday afternoon and I am having my hot coffee as usual enjoying the rainy weather...!! In Greece normally the weather during March is usually sunny..but climate changes are obvious unfortunately..!! :(

I enjoy rain ... it reminds me of my days back in Wales!!! :) :( 
.....I was thinking what kind of post should i share with you first but then i decided that i will randomly choose a topic that i like to share with you regarding beauty and fashion..!! 

Stay tuned girls cause i am preparing for you 3 fantastic topics...:

1) Mac new collection purchase
2) Marni for H&M purchase 
3) Products i use daily!

Sooooooooo Stay tuned!!! 
Enjoy your evening wherever u are....
Many kisses..!! 
Katerina xoxo

10 March 2012

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8 March 2012

Welcome Note!

Lipstick, powder, blush, perfume, mascara, clothes..and I can keep writing down more and more beauty stuff that i can relate to a woman...Although i won't and I would prefer to welcome you and me to this new challenge for me. I decided to create a blog in order to express myself through pictures and of course help you with product reviews and any kind of actions a beauty blogger has to do! Is my first try so try to be good with me!! ;) 
Cosmetics, clothes ...generally beauty and fashion are my lovieeeees!!!! 
So I promise to do my best and of course as my blog states i will share with you all my Pinkie Rose Secrets...!!! :) 

Today is our day so I  would like to wish women around the world all the best..and of course wish me a happy fresh start!!! 

kisses and hugs to all of you and.....WELCOME TO Pinkie Rose Secrets!!

PS: Excuse any kind of mistake you may find...it was a long day but i was waiting for this very first post very long!!! 

PS2: Upcoming posts ..... keep ur eyes open!!!! ;)


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