11 March 2012

Sunday afternoon ...Happy Blogging..!! :)

It's Sunday afternoon and I am having my hot coffee as usual enjoying the rainy weather...!! In Greece normally the weather during March is usually sunny..but climate changes are obvious unfortunately..!! :(

I enjoy rain ... it reminds me of my days back in Wales!!! :) :( 
.....I was thinking what kind of post should i share with you first but then i decided that i will randomly choose a topic that i like to share with you regarding beauty and fashion..!! 

Stay tuned girls cause i am preparing for you 3 fantastic topics...:

1) Mac new collection purchase
2) Marni for H&M purchase 
3) Products i use daily!

Sooooooooo Stay tuned!!! 
Enjoy your evening wherever u are....
Many kisses..!! 
Katerina xoxo

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