1 March 2015

HELLO MARCH - Spring news !!!

Helloooo my beauties!!!
Long time since my last post!!! Last couple of years have been very hectic and difficult..!!!  I know I was not consistent all the time with my blogging.. but now the time has come to make a change!!  Beauty, fashion, travel, food and any aspect of daily life will cover my posts!!! 

Spring is finally here!!! I am so excited ...!!!! 

                                                 WELCOME MARCH!!! 

B-day month for my blog!!! We are almost 3!!!! WOW!!! Time really flies when you are having fun!!! 
 Stay tuned for new posts and news!!! Weekly posts for you my lovely readers!!! 

Until then.....Enjoy the smell of spring flowers and the sunny days!!!
Have a great month!!! 

With love 
Katerina xoxo


  1. Είναι από τις αγαπημένους μου μήνες!! Πολύ ωραίες φωτογραφίες. Περιμένω να δω τα καινούργια σου posts! Θα χαρώ να μου πεις τη γνώμη σου και στο δικό μου blog irenesworld.squarespace.com



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